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WaterCare: Water Reminder App


WaterCare – is a drink water reminder that is designed to track your fluid intake. Drink water or juice and hydrate. Drink coffee or alcohol and dehydrate.WaterCare – is a wonderfuly designed water balance calculator with reminder. You only need to enter information about each intake of liquid and the app will automatically add this volume to your today’s progress.
Features * Set up your profile and the app calculates the right daily water intake levels personally for you* You enter data about every serving of liquid consumed during the day and the app automatically calculates the total * You receive reminders when it is time to drink water and how much you need* If you plan on adding sports activities to your day, just enter information about it and the app will adjust the previous calculation of necessary water intake
Benefits of drinking waterDrinking the right amount of water:* ensures good condition of skin, hair, internal organs; * increases energy level;* improves metabolism; * relieves headaches; * provides better functioning of muscles and joints;* promotes higher fitness level;* improves digestion.
Drinking water regularly can help solve many health problems. For those who care about their health this innovative drinking water reminder is here to handle your problems.This special hydration monitor takes into consideration such aspects as your age, gender, weight and lifestyle, so it gives more accurate and individual calculations. The recommended water intake level also depends on whether you do a sedentary job or you do a lot of activities every day. If you are into sports or yoga, add it to the app calendar and you will receive notifications about when and how much water you should get.Statistics in the form of tables and graphs helps analyze your progress and control daily intake of water. Also, it enables you to plan your schedules from getting up to going to bed. Advantages of drinking water:* You stay in shape, as in drinking water there are no calories* Your skin looks fresh and moistened* You keep your hair and nails healthy* You get rid of toxins accumulated in your body* Your metabolism improves